Office Duties

Assist You With The Day-To-Day Duties That Come With Running A Business

At Oceania ANZ

Weknow that not everyone has enough time or resources at hand to manage their daily office tasks, which can be overwhelming at times. We have staff members on hand to assist you with the day-to-day duties that come with running a business. If you don’t need a full-time staff member, we are a cost-effective solution to making sure all offices duties are completed efficiently and on-time. We take care of both the necessary, the repetitive, and the boring tasks so you can focus on the more interesting one; i.e.; running your business.

Our staff members have a financial and accounting background with good business acumen and knowledge. We are up-to-date with all business and relevant legislations and can prepare financial and business documentation and reports quickly and effortlessly.
Our committed and dedicated consultants are available anytime to:

  • Assist With Reporting Cash Receipts and Transactions
  • Maintain Accounting and Payroll Records
  • Prepare Financial Documents
  • Prepare and Submit Invoices
  • Monitor Accounts for Delayed or Missing Payments
  • Process Timesheets and Wages
  • Arrange the Payment of Loans, Grants and Bills and other Office and Accounting Duties

Highly qualified staff

Exceptional Service

Outstanding organisation skills

Immaculate attention-to-detail

Fantastic customer service and communication skills

Our Membership With Professionals

At Oceania ANZ


So, if you want to free up more of your time and get some assistance around the office,
contact our office today and you will have an efficient and professional helping hand in no time.