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Cash flow forecasting is an essential part of your business planning. A cash flow forecast is an estimation of money that is expected to flow in and out of your business within a said period of time e.g. the next 12 months. Monitoring the movement of your money through a cash flow forecast will enable you to make better business decisions. Not only can it show your current and future financial status but it will also measure business performance and assist you in improving your goal-planning strategies.

There are Two Methods Used in Cash Flow Forecasting

Direct Method Looks at All Upcoming Cash Payables and Receivables and Forecasts How Much Cash Will Move In And Out of the Business in the Near Future

Indirect Method Comes From Balance Sheets and Income Statements and is Normally Done as Part of the Planning and Budgeting Process

Accurate and informative cash flow forecasting reports improve your understanding of what your main expenses are, when cash is available, and help in preparation and planning for any business expansion or taxes in advance. It also indicates if and when you need to secure a small business loan for any upcoming business expenses and avoid financial losses or tax default.

An estimated 80% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Managing your cash flows will ensure yours in not one of them.

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